11 May 2008

Back into the world of technology!

So I definitely have not been keeping to my new year's resolution of blogging once a week. My new resolution is to start blogging weekly once school is out and I am officially working on Silver Lining.

Since I last updated, I have returned to the wonderful world of technology. I've finally traded my PC/IBM ways for a shiny, new Macbook Air. I have to say this is pretty much the coolest computer I've had yet. My past computers really didn't have anything particularly cool about them, though. Having my own computer (that can tag along everywhere with me!) is really opening my mind up to more crafty possibilities. This lean, green machine can run both Illustrator and Photoshop at the same time! With this new found power, I've started seriously looking into digital design classes (I even paid the $50 app. fee for GMU!). Plus, I'm learning all about this new OS and finding all kinds of cool ways to personalise my computer and make it really me. All this computer time has definitely pulled me away from sewing, but I'm hoping it'll come full circle. Now that I can have more than one Firefox window/tab open, I can search the way I like, with a million windows open and essentially dipping my fingers into loads of sites and blogs and whatnots.

Today being Mother's Day, I'm working on a little project for my grandma. I got the base cutting and sewing done and have spent the last 2.5 hours (yipes!) "researching" ways to finish it up. In my (clearly not very well focused) search, I came across a super cool blog widget: