30 January 2011

New year and new jobs!

T & Me on Formal night on the cruise!
This is going to be an exciting year for T and me!  We started the year off with our first ever cruise and appropriately, we chose a Disney cruise.  :)  It was fantastic fun and we made some new friends who were on their honeymoons. (Click the photo to head over to Flickr for some more cruise photos.)

When we got back to chilly Virginia, we both started new jobs!  T started at his firm and has already put in some late, late nights.  He's really getting a running start which means he's picking up new skills fast!  I'm at a new school called Fiore Montessori.  It's new to me, and also new to the area.  It's a lovely school with a great philosophy.  My friend and her husband founded it just last summer and we are having so much fun getting it going.

In the meantime, we are working away on preparations for our wedding!  Because the ceremony and initial celebration are going to be in Disney World, we fortunately don't have to do as much as a typical bride and groom.  Of course, I still have high hopes for all the crafting projects I've planned.  Plus, we are helping my parents to plan a larger at home celebration which will be held the weekend after we're married.  So, watch this space for some fun wedding crafts in the upcoming months!  Don't worry, I am keeping some as surprises for those of you who will be joining us in Disney.  :)