21 March 2013

Girls trip to WDW!

Last week was Spring Break for me, and conveniently the American Montessori Society annual conference happened to be Thursday through Sunday.  The conference was also in Orlando, so it was kind of a no-brainer for me to want to go.  Plus, my friend Feder was getting to go to the conference with her school, so she'd be there too.  We decided to make a trip out of it and as I was looking for flights, I mentioned it to my other friend Julia and she found a great price for a round trip flight and decided to join us!  So, it turned out to be a girls trip to Disney World(click to see more photos in a new window)

Julia and I flew down on Wednesday to take advantage of the best flight fare.  We visited Animal Kingdom and EPCOT on Thursday and got to see SO MANY animals at Kilimanjaro Safaris!  We even got to see some baby animals; rhino, hippo and giraffe babies were just some of them.  Friday, Feder and I went to the conference in the morning and I got to talk to some people about research possibilities and other fun things relating to my school work.  I have emailed a few of them to follow up, so fingers are crossed that they actually have time to get back to me!

Saturday, all three of us went to the parks.  We managed to go to Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and Magic Kingdom all in one day!  It was a loooong day of walking around the parks, but totally worth it!  We didn't get back to the room until 1am!  I took advantage of the jacuzzi tub and had a nice, half hour soak before getting to bed, too.  :)

As an extra surprise, some friends we met on our honeymoon happened to be coming into Orlando over the weekend and I got to have a quick brunch with them Sunday morning before heading to the airport!  Baby C was so cute and well behaved!

And, when I got back , I had this little guy to greet me!  I "planted" (soaked the dirt disc and sprinkled the nearly microscopic seeds over it) the week before I left, and the tallest one is about a centimetre tall now!