28 September 2011

Married life

Not much different from living together, sharing finances, spending lots of time with both families and non-married life. But the new school year is well underway, so I thought I should get back to the old blogeroo!

I'm still working at the school, but not with the children this year. I'm only part time and spend it in the office crafting and creating all sorts of fun materials for the classrooms, teachers and everyone else! It's been creative and reasonably exciting thus far.

I spend the rest of my days working on my personal creative pursuits. I am working on my Etsy shoppe and have decided to try to keep it stocked for the first time... ever. I'm also currently working on Halloween costumes.

We're taking a sibling+ trip down to Disney over Columbus Day weekend to participate in our first ever Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! It's sibling plus because it's the four of us sibs along with T and Flea's beau, Mash. I'm working on Sleeping Beauty themed costumes for all of us so we can hopefully find Aurora and get an awesome photo! Photos of those to come. But in the meantime, here's one of my photo studio (set up on our soon to be replaced dining table!).