15 March 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show

Click to see more photos from the Philadelphia Flower Show

This weekend, T, Vi and I drove up to Philadelphia to see the Flower show with my grandparents.  We got there just in time for a yummy dim sum lunch in Chinatown and then walked over to the Flower Show at the Convention Center.  This year's theme was Paris, so many of the exhibits featured classic Parisian landmarks and styling.  The show was enormous and beautiful.  I took over 100 photos with our good camera, but they really don't do justice to the amazing displays.  My favourite might have been the fake trees made up of small plants with a pond below.  But the carousel animals were pretty incredible also.

It was a nice, quick weekend getaway, plus we got to spend some quality time with Naboo and Nagong!  Sunday was back to real life business.  T spent most of the day working and I spent the day doing my very house-wifely activities; laundry, cleaning, cooking, dishes, grocery shopping.  Should I go on?  Actually I think that's it.  We also finally finished our wedding invitations and got them all stamped and sealed.  We mailed them off today!

In other news, my new year's resolution to cook twice a week has been going swimmingly!  I'll cook something for T and myself Monday or Tuesday, depending on what leftovers we have from the weekend.  Thursdays, Mom, Sneetch and Vi come and join us for dinner.  It's been working out nicely.  Mom helps me to cook and then Sneetch, Vi and T help with the dishes and clean up.  I think we're settling into our real life routine quite well.  Now, I just need to fit in the gym every now and again!