02 March 2012

Kindle cover!

I've been neglecting my crafty side for the past several months, focusing mostly on knitting. Well, let's be honest, I have been spending most of what could have been crafting time looking at crafty things other people have made on Pinterest. [That site is amazing for people prone to wasting time...]

Anyway, last night, Flea came over for a night of sisterly crafting. We started the evening off right by making paella from this recipe. However, we made some modifications of our own as we went along. Namely, we remembered that paella usually has saffron at the very end, and then sprinkled in a larger-sized pinch. Also, we cooked the rice separately (in the rice cooker, being the good Asians we are) and forgot that we were supposed to cook it in chicken broth, so we added a Knorr condensed soup thing to it at the end. Anyway, all in all, it was pretty good, definitely edible but not the best thing I've ever had. I suspect the leftovers might be better, now that the flavours have had time to co-mingle. We finished off the paella with a batch of brownies-from-a-box, which we made in little silicone cupcake moulds. Yum.

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Getting on to the crafty part of the night, Flea was set on making a case for her new computer. She had her tutorial all printed and even brought some nicely washed fabric for the project. As she got her supplies together and got started on her case, I cleaned up the poor, neglected craft room which has been languishing in its untidied, slowly pile-accumulating state since the big costume project of October 2011. By the time I finished putting 90% of the random things away that had accumulated in there, Flea was nearly done with her case and it was 11:00. I was determined to accomplish something equally crafty though, so I started work on my Kindle case! I followed the general guidelines from this blog, but given that she used a kit with templates and all, I was kind of on my own. Instead of using fusible fleece and stabilizers, I just cut pieces of peltex to fit each side, slid them in and ironed them. Then I topstitched the whole thing and called it a night!