29 October 2007

Weekend productivity

This weekend was a fairly productive one, as far as weekends go. We spent the better part of Saturday lounging about and barely getting some tidying done. Sometime in the afternoon we finally got into doing some useful things. We managed to get to Home Depot (third weekend in a row), stop off at my parents' house, buy groceries, visit Michael's, Joann's and get to the Galleria (the upscale half of the mall) all before meeting T's parents for dinner. T bought a nice, brown, courduroy blazer and I got 2 fun but work friendly pairs of pants from Anthropologie. It's amazing; I never can find something that suits me or that's my size in the regularly priced section, but can usually find something I like in the Sale.

Sunday was the day that made the weekend productive. We effectively cleaned out the whole "junk room" by getting rid of the big, uncomfortable queen sized bed and one of the 4 nightstands. Four! Sheesh. We still need to take a lot more of stuff out of there, but T managed to box up all the other junk which we'll take away this coming weekend. We quite easily got rid of the bed by giving it away to a very nice guy from work. He came to load it onto the car and get it around. Meanwhile, I was busy baking cookies. I found a great recipe for sugar cookies online and tweaked it only a little. I ended up baking a few over 4 dozen cookies; moons, pumpkins, witches, a few ghosts and one stegosaurus for T. I'd gotten some cute pumpkin shaped baggies at Joann's. I put 3 cookies in each one and designed some cute little pumpkin leaf tags. I'll tie those on tomorrow night. I was going to do it last night, but something made me think I'd regret it. Some photos, for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry for the somewhat boring post. More interesting ones coming, I hope.

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