03 August 2012

A little basil experiment

So it's been a busy weekend! We had some trials with United having a bad weekend, but got to see the lovely wedding of one of my oldest friends (as in, our friendship is old; she isn't).

I'll post more about the weekend later, but for now this is just kind of a test post (posting from my phone!) about a little basil experiment I've been doing!

A couple weeks ago, I bought some fresh basil from the farmer's market. I bought it to make some bolognese sauce, but they never sell just the handful of leaves you need. So I put the remaining stems in little cups of water, hoping that would keep them happy until I could think of something else to make with them. Anyway, they started sprouting roots and new leaves! I kept them in separate cups and decided to see whether fluorescent light could compare to the sun! Over the weekend, I kept one cup on the windowsill in our living room and one in our fluorescent light lit kitchen. Here are the results:

First the photo of the plants together:

Now, which is which?  The one on the right was in the kitchen, growing under fluorescent light.  The one on the right has been growing in the sun, well the partial sun that we get here, with the giant trees outside.
 In case you can't tell, the plant that was growing in the kitchen also has several leaves with brown spots.  It's like they are drying up on the stem, which is weird because they are just in jars of water!  Besides, the plant in the sun is much taller and might have more little, new leaves.

So, in conclusion; natural is better than artificial; sun is better than fluorescent light for growing basil plants at least.

Next post: our quick trip to San Diego!

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