24 October 2007

Rain or Shine

Tonight is the annual Town Halloween Parade. Since I'm now in charge of the coordination for the event, I have to be there, since it's rain or shine. T and I have decided to go as pencils. I made us some dunce-cap style pencil tip hats last night, which I laminated at work today to help them hold up in the rain. Now I just hope that we hold up.

I've also been thinking about the poor people out in California who are just waiting to hear if their homes have been burnt to the ground. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to start all over. I suppose it must really teach you about what is important in life, and that material things are not the most important things. I don't know what I would try to save if I were given 10 minutes to take whatever I wanted with me. My bear, Chocto, my sewing patterns, my sewing machine?

Anyway, here are some photos of my new craft room (so much for not over-valuing material things..). Hopefully after tonight, I'll have some good photos of the parade.

(Click for a larger image.)

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