10 March 2014

New projects

It's been a long time since I posted last.  Partially it was because I was getting annoyed with all the spam comments I was getting (sometimes 10/day!) and partially it was because we've been so busy!  Here's a quick rundown of updates:

  1. We bought a house!  We closed at the end of September and painted through October.  It's a great house, in a great location and we're so glad that we held out, even though our journey seemed long at times.
  2. Now that we have our house, it's a great excuse to have friends over and our social life has really come into bloom.  We've enjoyed fun-filled weekends with family and friends ever since we got the majority of our furniture moved in.
  3. Furnishing a home is a big project!  It has taken longer than we thought it would, but along the way, we've learned a lot about our style and what we really care about; as we did with the house-buying process.  It's been a lot of fun!
  4. We are finally having a housewarming party!  It's coming up this weekend, and we're so excited to be able to have people over to see what we've done with the place.
  5. I'm working on my thesis plus two internships - which take up more than all of my time!  All three activities are great, but it does take some serious time management, leaving little time for blogging...
Download Quarter Page Goal Worksheets (prints 4 on a letter page)

Speaking of time management, that's part of my post for today - I'm here to share a little daily goal sheet I made up for myself.  I've decided to go back to using a little paper planner.  I found that there is an amazing online community of people who use Filofaxes and similar paper planners.  I used to do that in high school and while it would be super fun to go back to that, I also like the idea of having smaller little planners that fit in more modestly sized purses.  So, of course, I'm making my own Faux-lofaxes, as I'm calling them.  Part of the organization plan involves these little quarter page worksheets where I can write down my goals and such for the day.  So far, I think it's been pretty helpful!

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