28 March 2014

Pinterest hack

Even though my posting is still sporadic, there's a lot going on here behind the screen.  Hopefully, I will have something to post about soon, though!

In the meantime, I have a Pinterest hack for everyone.  It's actually pretty basic, but somehow I hadn't thought of it before, so maybe there is one other human out there who also hasn't thought of it (meaning I'm not the last).

You found an awesome site, full of useful information.  You want to pin it to your "Good to Know" board on Pinterest.  There are no detectable images.  Now you are sad.

Go to Google.  Search for an image that generally represents the page/information you wish to pin.

Click the "View Image" button.  Pin that.

Go to Pinterest and click the little pencil icon to modify your pin.  See it?  Down in the bottom right corner.

Select all the text in the "Source" field and delete it.  Replace it with the url of the site you wanted to pin originally.

DONE!  Now you have a pin that goes where you want, but shows you something to remind you more accurately of the information to which it leads!

See the differences between this image and the one above?  Found on rabbitnetwork.org NOT adorablerabbits.co.uk!

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